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Company Profile

Rabbit Translation, founded by Cambodian and non-Cambodian linguistic experts in 2009, has been established to provide efficient and high quality translation and interpretation services to fulfill the distinctive need of customers. Our linguists are well qualified and experienced with numerous fields of professions enabling us to ensure the translation services excellence are delivered.

Our core values are:

Reliability: Our services are widely recognized by national and international institutions such as embassies, NGOs, and private entities.
Accuracy: All our translations are made with high attention to detail, and carefully audited in order to ensure that the translation is in line with the source languages.
Consistency: The use of consistent wording is extremely essential for the sake of accuracy and logic in translation. We are strongly committed to it.


Our Translation services handle major languages commonly used in Cambodia including Khmer, English, French, Germany, Russia, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. Other languages can be accepted upon request.